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bourgogne pinot noir


Age of vines 50 years Grape variety Pinot noir Ageing French oak barrels. Origin of wood: Allier and Vosges 50%inoak(nonewoak)50%intank Wine remained 15 months in barrels. Viticulture Pruning style: Cordon de Royat and Guyot simple. Manual harvest. Green work (de-budding, leaf-thinning,...). Triple sorting: in the vineyard (twice) and in the winery on sorting table Winemaking Grapes are destemmed, put into vat at 12°c during 5 days (cold pre-fermentary) to extract the primary aromas. Indigenous yeasts. Smooth extraction respecting the grape variety, terroir and vintage. Fermentation lasts around 20 days. Tasting notes Fresh and elegant nose. Red fruit aromas. Supple wine, lightly structured, fruity and fresh. Wine pairings White meat, poultry, pies, light cheeses. Operating temperature between 16°C and 17°C Aging potential 3 to 4 years

bourgogne pinot noir parcelle bourgogne pinot noir
  • bourgogne pinot noir

  • bourgogne pinot noir

  • bourgogne pinot noir

Born in the plains between Santenay and the Maranges vineyard, this Pinot Noir comes from several different plots of land with almost identical terroir. None of them was historically exploited and therefore none of them has been recognised as a climate by the UNESCO in 2015, despite the fact that they are excellent terroirs for vines! The soil is clay with limestone gravels and pebbles which ensure water drainage. Exposed south-east or south-west depending on the relief, it is a simple and effective wine: aromas of red fruits, supple, lively and elegant.