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Santenay «Les Terrasses de Bievaux»


Age of vines 30 years Grape variety Chardonnay Ageing French oak barrels. Origin of wood: Allier and Bertranges 15%ofnewoak. Wine remained 12 months in barrels. Viticulture Pruning style: Guyot simple. Manual harvest. Green work (de-budding, leaf-thinning,...). Triple sorting: in the vineyard (twice) and in the winery on sorting table Winemaking The grapes are pressed upon arrival at the winery. We practice a fermentation with a low temperature to keep all the flavours. We start the alcoholic fermentation in vats to have a regular fermentation , then when alcoholic fermentation is running we put the wine into barrels . We use only natural yeasts to keep the charm and character of each wine. Tasting notes The wine is clear and brilliant , mineral and floral, fresh and vigorous. Its aromatic expression features notes of bracken and hazelnut. Wine pairings Chicken stew, Camembert, Brie, crab, steamed prawns, grilled chicken fillets, seafood sauce, Gruyeres, Goudas, fish stew, pâtés, terrines, rillettes, baked fish, raw fish Veal sauce. Operating temperature between 12°C and 14°C Aging potential 5 to 7 years

santenay Les terrasses de bievaux parcelle santenay Les terrasses de bievaux
  • santenay Les terrasses de bievaux

  • santenay Les terrasses de bievaux

  • santenay Les terrasses de bievaux

On the northern heights of Santenay, the Terrasses de Bievaux are on the Bievaux climate, which names comes from a water source nearby. Bievaux comes from the latin word Bedus (the canal, waterway) et the Burgundian dialect vaus which means hilly, referring to the relief of the climate. After the phylloxera crisis in the 1900's, every single vine will be uprooted and the terrain abandoned. It is only in 1986 that Justin's grandfather will start planting vines again on this steep hill. Something rare for burgundy, the hill is terraced and divided into 6 small parcels. This colossal work was made to facilitate the harvest and exploitation. Far up the hillside and very steep, the terroir is perfect for the Chardonnay. The soil is thin and covered with limestone marls ; the woods nearby gives a refreshing micro-climate. Because it is terraced, the southwest exposure effect is stronger and brings structure and concentration to the wine. Down the hill it is more clayey and suited for the red wines on a village AOC. To sum it up, it is the perfect harmony between the mineral freshness of the ground and the powerful aromas given by its location ; with volume on the palate.