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Age of vines 40 years Grape variety Chardonnay Ageing French oak barrels. Origin of wood: Allier and Bertranges 25 % of new oak. Wine remained 24 months in barrels. Viticulture Pruning style: Guyot simple. Manual harvest. Green work (de-budding, leaf-thinning,...) WinemakingThe grapes are pressed upon arrival at the winery. We practice a fermentation with a low temperature to keep all the flavours. We start the alcoholic fermentation in vats to have a regular fermentation , then when alcoholic fermentation is running we put the wine into barrels . We use only natural yeasts to keep the charm and character of each wine. Tasting notes Pale yellow colour, offers a nose plenty of fruit flavours : peach, melon, apricot and exotic fruits. The palate is also very intense with a long finish on minerality. Wine pairings Prawn cocktail avocado, grilled sea bass stew of veal in a cream sauce - Beaufort cheese Operating temperature between 12°C and 14°C Aging potential 5 to 7 years

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To the east of the village of Meursault in the foothills of the Montmellian are the two vast climates of Les Clous Dessous and Les Vireuils Dessus, on which our parcel is located. The word "clous" was derived from "clos" in the 15th century and referred to these walled plots where vines were grown, but not only. It was most probably a case of agricultural land due to the configuration of the plot and the nearby water source. Les Vireuils refers to a plot of land that turns with the relief and follows the curve of the hillside. The word comes from the old french Vire and its local variant Virot: one who turns. Another translation of Vire is "the tortuous path", the traces of which can be seen at the edge of the plot. The soil here is rather recent marls on a geological scale and overhung by a limestone ledge. A cool area due to the Auxey-Duresses valley and its east-facing aspect; but flat, situated on the upper plateau of the slope. The wines of this terroir are characterised by a strong minerality and white fruit aromas.