winemaker at santenay, wines and great wines of burgundy

justin girardin viticulteur santenay

winemaker at santenay, wines and great wines of burgundy

S.A.S Justin Girardin
13 Rue de Narosse
21590 Santenay
Tél. 03 80 20 60 12

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We carry out three sortings to obtain the best possible grapes.

1 st - carried out by the grape pickers in the vineyard after having been given precise instructions

2 nd – also in the vineyard done by a small team to remove any undesirable grapes

3 rd – in the winery, where the grapes pass over a vibrating conveyor table so as to better scrutinise them and keep only the healthiest grapes.

vinification rouge

Vinification of the red wine

The bunches are de-stalked leaving just the grapes, and then crushed. In certain years we keep a proportion of entire bunches. The crushing frees the juice in the grapes and also lets yeasts naturally present in and on the fruit to start working. The goal of these actions is to obtain finer and rounder wines.

For 5 to 7 days we do a temperature controlled pre-fermentation maceration – at a low temperature to extract the colour and the fruit aromas of the Pinot Noir. Then with the natural yeasts working, the fermentation starts.

Daily monitoring lets us work in the most precise way possible. Extraction happens gently to respect the finesse of the Pinot Noir, so we have abandoned cap-punching down in favour of pumping the juice over the top. This maceration lasts between 15 and 20 days.
The wine is matured in French oak barrels for a period between 12 and 18 months.

During this period malolactic fermentation takes place.

vinification blanc

Vinification of the white wine

After pressing, the must is put into tanks at 10° in order to settle (separation of the coarse matter and the juice).

After 48-72 hours following the clarifying, we rack the wine. The alcoholic fermentation starts naturally due to the indigenous yeasts at a temperature of around 12°. Then the fermentation continues in barrels between a few weeks and several months.

Maturation takes place in French oak barrels over a period of 12 months. During this period the malt-lactic fermentaion happens.