winemaker at santenay, wines and great wines of burgundy

justin girardin viticulteur santenay

winemaker at santenay, wines and great wines of burgundy

S.A.S Justin Girardin
13 Rue de Narosse
21590 Santenay
Tél. 03 80 20 60 12

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Essential and vital work carried out between December and March. Pruning controls the growth of vegetation and the crop that year.

The cuttings are mulched where they break down over the year to become a natural compost.


To maintain a healthy and quality vineyard, in certain years we carry out new plantings in March or April according to the Lunar Calendar – the waning moon and a 'root' day.

We select from our own vines the best quality wood stock – this wood will provide the future plants (massale selection) We also use a clonal selection adapted to each terrain to allow for the expression of terroir.

Going even further, during planting, we use 'polyclonale' which is an assembly of several clones to encourage the genetic diversity of our vines.



This is another essential stage to control the yields. The work is generally carried out in May after the budburst.

This eliminates the unwanted shoots, aerates the vegetation prophylactically and controls yields.



In June, the vines continue to grow and the branches must be contained above ground between two lines of wire, to avoid damage due to any violent winds.

During this period, the vine starts to flower, an important stage which sets the date for the harvest to come (about 100 days after the flowering) and above all the quantity of grapes.



This is to remove the leaves around the fruiting zone, aerate the developing bunches, improve the polyphenol synthesis on the red grapes while increasing the fruit notes and decreasing any vegetal aromas.

So as not to damage the bunches, this is done by hand in July.

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Work on the soil

To keep in the spirit of integrated viticulture, we endeavour to work the soil which gives it an intense microbial activity.

Roots at the surface are removed and the root system can develop more deeply.

The wines obtained gain in power and intensity.

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Being among the vines every day we are always vigilant and therefore very responsive.

We are not 'organic' winegrowers but for many years we have endeavoured to listen to nature and only intervene when appropriate. Certain methods that we use and that today are called 'biodynamic' are in fact those that our ancestors used to meet the needs for the well-being of the vine.

Each of us recognises that it is necessary to return to a healthier agriculture and for that the work of the winegrower is imperative: a well-maintained vine will produce healthy grapes and therefore a wine of quality.